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5 reasons to make the change to Renewable Energies

5 razones para cambiarse a las Energías Renovables

The debate surrounding the change to a new energy model is always, or almost always, on the table. On the one hand, it is clear that if we want to progress as a society, we must be continuously searching for new developments that help us to improve our quality of life. Nevertheless, many times these new developments damage the health of our planet.

When it comes to the change to a new energy model based on renewable energies, let’s take a look at the facts:

  • Renewable energy slows down climate change

It is well documented that in the years since the dawn of industrialization, planet Earth has been facing a real problem — climate change. Renewable energy sources respect the environment and emit little or no greenhouse gases, making energy production an environmentally friendly endeavor.

  • Improved air quality

Let’s not mince words: the air quality in many of the world’s capitals is abysmal. This is due mainly to human practices and the large amount of emissions we produce. By using renewable energy, we avoid constant pollution and thus improve air quality.

  • Sources of unlimited energy

Sunlight, wind flow, and ocean currents are sources of energy produced solely by nature, meaning they will never run out and do not depend on humans to produce them. In essence, they are unlimited and inexhaustible sources of energy, and they do not involve a complex set of characteristics that make them an exclusive bargaining chip for certain countries.

  • They are more affordable

As we mentioned before, both the sun and the wind are free and unlimited sources that can be harnessed by anyone. While an initial investment is needed to produce energy from these raw materials, the truth is that the use of renewable energy is more affordable in the long run.

  • They create jobs and require professionals

Unlike the conventional energy industry, renewable energies are less mechanized and require more labor to get up and running. What’s more, as they require a mostly professional work force, the sector is on the rise at present.

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