8 JUNIO 2020

“A momentum called Solar Energy”

Solar Energy Plants
OP-ED ARTICLE - UNIVERGY SOLAR | By Ignacio Rozalén, Procurement Manager of Univergy Solar 

Something happened a few months ago which nobody expected, a health crisis caused us to pull the handbrake and stop. During this time of quarantine, I decided to open an old dictionary and the first word I read was momentum. Its definition read as follows: Cause a thing or person to move in a certain direction.

It is time to move forward, and to do so, we need movement that is achievable through solar energy.

In our country today, solar energy is an important investment. In 2019, Spain installed one out of four photovoltaic solar energy GWs installed in Europe. There are many reasons to believe that solar energy is the impetus that we need at this time. Besides the very important environmental reasons, there is another fundamental and economic reason as stated below:


  • Cost→Investment: It is incorrect to think that installing a solar power system is an economic loss. It is a very profitable investment that is recovered over the yearsUnivergy Solar has a great team of professionals willing to study your particular case for free and, by doing so, find out in how many years you can recover your investment and what benefits you will have in the medium and long term.
  • Additional financial aid: Today, the governments of many countries are investing in solar energy, and because of this, there are many tools available that encourage solar investments, such as subsidies or affordable terms through different financial products.
  • You can compensate for the surplus energy you produce: Just recently, in Spain, all the energy that we generate and do not consume can also render an economic return by compensating for surpluses.
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It is quite obvious that solar energy is a serious candidate to become that momentum we need today, one that will overcome the dragging force of our fears.

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