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7 ABRIL 2020

The Advantages of Wind Power

Parque de aerogeneradores del Energía Eólica

Wind power is one of many sources of renewable energy, which means that it’s a type of energy that comes from a natural, clean, unlimited, and sustainable source. In this case, the source is the wind.

Wind Power involves the capture of kinetic energy coming from the movement of large masses of air. This kinetic energy is converted into mechanical energy that turns a turbine in order to get electricity. Like all of the different types of renewable energy, there are many reasons it is advantageous, and we’ll be looking at some of those reasons in this article.

It is a source that cannot be exhausted.

Since the source of this type of energy is the wind, it means that it is inexhaustible, which means that it will never run out.

It doesn’t pollute.

Wind power is clean and 100% sustainable. Generating electricity from the wind does not add any CO2 to the atmosphere because the process doesn’t involve any sort of combustion. Switching to wind power helps us reach the net-zero by 2050 target.

It is low-cost.

The cost of capturing this source of energy has dropped considerably over the last few years in Europe, and the cost per kW is remarkably low in very windy areas.

For large companies, the cost of wind turbines and the cost to maintain them is low, so the amount of electricity they produce compared to how much is invested in them is highly beneficial.

It has a high level of availability.

Since all that is needed to take advantage of this type of energy is wind, all you have to do is find areas that are reliably windy. Such areas are easy to find in many places around the world.


While solar power is simpler to use because it is easy to store for later use, wind power must be used within a shorter period of time. Nonetheless, there are already several alternatives for storing electricity generated by wind turbines that are being developed and implemented by experts in this field:

  • Battery systems
  • Pumped-storage hydroelectric plants (pumped-hydro)
  • Compressed air
  • Hydrogen fuel cells

Here at Univergy Solar we believe that change begins with becoming more educated. Widespread knowledge will be the best way for us to successfully transition to renewable energy sources on a massive scale. That’s why you’ll always be able to find enriching and interesting content about the different uses and applications of renewable energy on the Univergy Solar Blog.

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