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Univergy Solar joins the Black Friday boom

Descuentos especiales black friday

For some years now, here in Spain we have adopted one of the most popular marketing customs in the United States, Black Friday.

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated days for doing Christmas shopping at a cheaper price than in December. This date is adjusted each year in relation to Thanksgiving Day in the United States. The term was coined to describe the heavy traffic and the amount of people crowding the American streets the day after Thanksgiving (a holiday celebrated on the last Thursday of November), but now, we relate it to a day of rebates.

At Univergy Solar, we wanted to take advantage of Black Friday to launch special discounts on our website for Solar Self-Consumption Systems. Starting today, November 27 and until December 23, you can benefit from significant discounts on your Solar Self-Consumption Systems.

Solar Self-Consumption Systems have multiple advantages that we have already commented on in several posts of this blog. We have always stressed that Spain is a country that benefits greatly from this type of energy due to its high level of solar radiation, in which summer is the season to maximize the use of these facilities. However, we are entering a period in which it is also highly cost-effective to have a Solar Self-Consumption System.


Christmas is the time of year in which most spending is done in Spanish homes, presents are given to loved ones, the budget increases to cover the shopping list, appliances are used more, time spent at home increases and all of this contributes to a high electricity bill.

With a Solar Self-Consumption System, it is possible to save over 70% on this electricity bill, and thus greatly reduce the expected Christmas spending.

Don’t hesitate, and take advantage of Black Friday to save money on your Solar Self-Consumption System. You can access the discounts by clicking here.

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