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13 DIC 2019

Univergy shows entrepreneurs in Campollano (Albacete) the advantages of photovoltaic solar self-consumptions

Gines Martínez, vicepresidente de Univergy Solar firma un acuerdo con ADECA


  • The vice president of Univergy Solar explains the advantages of self-consumption to entrepreneurs in Campollano (Albacete)
  • According to Ginés Martínez, Vice President of Univergy Solar, “the monthly savings obtained in the conventional electricity bill will be more than 50% during the 25-year life of the installation

Albacete, December 13, 2019.

The Spanish-Japanese company Univergy International has participated in a working meeting organized by the Association of Businessmen of Campollano (Adeca), making a presentation by the Vice President of Univergy Solar, Ginés Martínez (born in Fuente-Álamo – Albacete), to explain the advantages of photovoltaic solar self-consumption. 

Among other things, Ginés Martínez formulated the following question to the assistants “What businessman would not like to reduce his costs by saving 50% of his electricity bills” adding Martínez that “electricity is one of the most important factors for the productive processes, since it represents one of the highest costs in the companies, in any of the sectors of productive or commercial activity, so that reducing these costs, places the companies in a more competitive position”.

Also, Martinez pointed out to the businessmen that “Univergy is one of the leading companies in the Solar Photovoltaic Renewable Energy sector, committed to the environment, which has more than seven years of experience both nationally and internationally with a special location in Albacete and Palencia for the development of industrial and commercial self-consumption projects, aimed at improving the technological capacity and energy savings of companies throughout the country”. 

In addition, Martinez explained that “Univergy is responsible for designing, sizing and seeking funding required for each project, taking care of obtaining all necessary legal permits, installation and maintenance of the same. Finally, Martinez said “with solar panels in a self-consumption installation, entrepreneurs will pay 50% less of the electricity bill, and in a matter of one to four years on average, the investment will be amortized”.

UNIVERGY International, among its different business areas, is specialized in the development, manufacture and assembly of photovoltaic solar energy generation facilities for industrial and residential self-consumption. These self-consumption systems are the most sophisticated, reliable and efficient in the world as they are equipped with Japanese technology”.


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