15 JUNIO 2020

“Solar Energy: Clean Energy as a Convenient and Successful Option for the Future”

La energía limpia como proyecto de éxito en el futuro
OP-ED ARTICLE - UNIVERGY SOLAR | By Aída Crespo Olmedo, Self-consumption Department of Univergy Solar

Solar energy is not only trending: investing in it means much more than this, especially in the current context.

Without a doubt, solar energy is among the most promising sources of clean energy. We have all noticed in recent months the remarkable and beneficial change enjoyed by the environment when it is given a break and allowed to rest from the current excessive pollution. Today, electricity is an essential part of our lives, but as we can see, its generation must be environmentally friendly and the improvement of the same is within our reach and under our responsibility: The use of clean and renewable energy leads us to a better and necessary future.

Convinced of the above and taking into consideration a resource with noticeable impact, with great potential given our location, and which can be exploited in a simple and unobtrusive way, we are clearly talking about solar energy. Besides its low environmental impact, we can further analyze it from an economic and social perspective, since investing in this energy easily translates into savings, job creation and sustainable development.

In addition, solar energy systems offer us a wide range of application possibilities, some of which are becoming increasingly common in the domestic, industrial and agricultural fields, and on a large scale with the installation of power plants and even small generating facilities that make it possible to enjoy self-sufficiency or provide electricity to isolated places where it is difficult to obtain energy by other means. Work is also being carried out on its aesthetics with the aim of reducing the visual impact, although given its growing popularity, we will easily become familiarized with its presence.

As we can see, since the current situation does not allow for a future without renewable energy, deciding on solar energy is among the most successful choices. However, in addition to favorable weather patterns as a requirement and the availability of large spaces in some cases, in order to obtain good yields from these systems, these facilities must be adequately designed and their putting into service duly arranged, ensuring that their size is focused on the intended needs and implementing these projects with the advice and supervision of a team of professionals like ours, as specialists in the photovoltaic field.

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