16 JUNIO 2020

De-escalation begins at Univergy Solar

Univergy Solar vuelve a la oficina presencial

Despite the fact that the de-escalation process began last May in almost the entire national territory, at Univergy Solar we decided to be cautious and start now.

Monday, June 15 is for many of the workers at Univergy Solar the beginning of the “new normal,” with the understanding that the “new normal” is the beginning of on-site work for half of our staff.

This back-to-the-office work will be carried out in an orderly and segmented way, so that by doing so, we can all start returning to our usual positions without forcing the capacity of our offices and respecting current regulations, in order to preserve our workers’ health to the extent possible.

Univergy Solar has 4 physical locations; Madrid, Albacete, Valladolid and Palencia, in which similar processes will be carried out, but always adapting this process to the particularities of each office.

For us, as Univergy Solar workers, confinement has resulted in a new mindset that has helped us maintain normalcy despite distance. Changes have been incorporated that, throughout these three months of teleworking, have proved to be particularly effective in our way of communicating both internally and with our customers, and thus, as far as possible, these methods will be maintained during the de-escalation toward on-site work while new measures are incorporated.

These new measures are particularly restrictive when interacting with others, for example; meeting rooms will only be used if they are absolutely essential and will also have limited capacity depending on the size of the room. The return to the office will take place on a rotational basis so that we can maintain a safe distance of around six feet between workplaces; both the office and the eating area will be closed until new order, in view of which, Univergy Solar has incorporated a flexible workday at all of its locations. The company will provide workers with the essential items for this summer’s activities: Disposable face mask, gloves and hydroalcoholic gel. And, in addition, all of its workers have been tested for COVID-19 before returning to the offices.

For the time being, the measures adopted by the company will be maintained until further order, and will be amended as indicated by the Government of Spain or the Autonomous Community concerned.

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