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Our social responsibility is consciously based on Univergy’s corporate philosophy. We are convinced that sustainable economic activity is only possible if we consider ourselves an active part of the global society. We express this commitment in many ways. Our work is an example of this.

Univergy Solar offers ecological solutions for high consumption products and bets on the care of the Environment in a constant search for guarantees that improve the efficiency of the recycling and reuse processes.

This department focus on the creation of sustainable, ecological, safe and efficient products. Besides, it proposes intelligent alternatives to reduce the ecological footprint and the environmental impact derived from bad production and consumption habits worldwide.


Sustainability is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the capacity of the future generations, guaranteeing the balance between the economic growth, the environmental care and the social welfare. Fully aligned with the sustainable development objectives of Agenda 2030.

environment sustainability

social sustainability

economic sustainability

ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance​

Univergy Solar has incorporated into its business development process the goal of offering our customers, suppliers and the planet, not only an investment that is profitable in the long term but also environmentally and socially responsible.

The environmental, social and economic factors that are part of Univergy Solar’s business development process have a lot to do with our corporate social responsibility, based on sustainable development.

How do we apply our ESG policies?

Innovation and Technology

At Univergy Solar we remain at the forefront of all technological innovations that help carry out the development of our projects without increasing the ecological footprint in the world.


In all our international projects we rely on local partners and suppliers, thus boosting the local economy while developing our international expertise around the world.

Employee Development

At Univergy Solar we believe in enhancing human capital and continuous training for our professionals. Therefore, all our workers develop their skills and improve their knowledge every day. 


  • To eradicate of poverty and to guarantee a healthy life
  • To promote innovation and resilient infrastructures by creating communities and cities capable of producing and consuming sustainably.
  • To universalize the access to basic services, such as water, sanitation and sustainable energy.
  • To reduce inequalities in the world, especially gender inequalities .
  • To care for the environment by facing climate change and by protecting the oceans and terrestrial ecosystems.
  • To promote collaboration between the different social agents in order to create an environment of peace and sustainable development.

Guide to good environmental practices (spanish)

Waste Management Guide (spanish)