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Benefits and uses of green hydrogen

Planta de generación de hidrógeno verde

The possible uses and benefits of green hydrogen, a 100% sustainable energy vector that does not generate carbon emissions, are huge.

Green hydrogen is becoming very important for the future of the world energy system. We are certain that the road to a carbon neutral world requires renewing the energy supply and to créate a totally integrated system. Here’s where green hydrogen tends to be deployed the most.

Hydrogen’s capacity to stock clean energy and to generate synergies with other renewable energies makes it a candidate in the main investment programs. And according to experts this gas will be essential to achieve the energy goals of 2050.

Nowadays, there’s an annual demand of hydrogen of 8 million tons and its production requires 95% of fossil fuels. Because of that, for hydrogen to help to reach decarbonization goals, it will be needed that renewable generation of hydrogen takes over.

In Europe, the European Center for Green Hydrogen Acceleration, according to the European green strategy, has invested over 100.000 million euros. But it is estimated that this gas could also create 500.000 jobs in all the supply chain.

In fact, this very year, the European Parliament has pointed out its importance at the same time that it demanded the member states to improve the efficiency of its systems to reduce costs. More precisely, they highlighted the benefits of a multidirectional system in which consumers play an active role in the supply. Their main uses are transportation and climatization.

Spain, on the other hand, has projected 71.8 GW of installed capacity for 2030, with more than  52% of the capacity in Europe. So it will become its main producer of hydrogen. This is because Spain has an specific roadmap for hydrogen, which was published in october and which counts with aggressive objectives to place Spain as a technological referent in its production. In order to achieve that technologic cluster creation will be fomented  in order to increase industrial activity or renewable generation at reasonable prices.

Between the uses of hydrogen that Spain wants to exploit are the extensive industrie, which consumes up to 90% of this gas; transport, climatization… And the benefits it will generate include that it does not generate emissions, that it counts with a pre existing infrastructure or that it has a charge density higher than batteries.

That’s why green hydrogen can be the key to build a more sustainable world, advanced and developed. In conclusión to betting on technological advancements of this fuel can make decarbonization possible and improve the energy system and to better people’s lives.

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