2 MARCH 2022

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Univergy Solar has developed and build a self consumption project for Cabanes & Ortuño of 101 kWp in Murcia

Instalación de autoconsumo de Cabanes & Ortuño

The project dubbed "Cabanes & Ortuño" is destined to produce clean energy with an installed capacity of more than 100 kWp for the enterprise which leads the production of fabrics for sofas, beds and complements. This generation plant has begun to produce recently and is located in Yecla (Murcia), where it has become a reference project for key sectors of the industry of upholstery, rest and footwear at Murcia.

Murcia, february 16th of 2022.- The spanish/japanese organization, Univergy Solar, and Cabanes & Ortuño have developed and build an industrial self consumption project for producing solar clean energy with a productive capacity of 101 kWp that would have an amortization date of 5 years. The installation is destined to the production of fabrics for sofas, beds and complements and will prevent the emission of 65 million tons of CO2 a year, the equivalent of 1 acre of forest mass, or 235 pines a year.
Francisco Conesa, head of the self-consumption division at Univergy, has pointed out that the self consumption project Cabanes & Ortuño in Yecla will be a reference of renewable energy for industries and enterprises at Murcia. This project will be an example and an important incentive for enterprises to join the ecological transition in such important sectors.
Meanwhile, Antonio Felipe, Sales Manager of self consumption at Univergy Solar has highlighted that Cabanes & Ortuño is a leading enterprise in its sector which has demonstrated to be fully engaged with sustainability and clean energy  in all its productive processes.
On his behalf, Alfredo Ortuño Morales, manager at Cabanes & Ortuño, has indicated that this project has represented that the enterprise will still lead the industry of upholstery, rest and footwear by betting on renewable energies.
This installation, like every of the plants developed by Univergy, will have the ekoenergy certification, which guarantees at an international level that the energy used at productive processes comes from renewable and eco-friendly sources.
Univergy has ended the year 2021 with the development of more than 250 industrial self consumption projects in Spain, which means an increase of 50% in regard to the last year and it meant a drastic decrease in CO2 emissions to its clients.
Univergy Solar has an international experience of more than 20 years and is specialized in the development, construction and operation of solar and wind projects, including storage solutions and green hydrogen and self consumption and its multiple applications.
About Univergy Solar
Univergy Solar is a spanish -japanese organization with headquarters at Tokyo and Madrid, which is specialized in the development, construction and operation of renewable projects, with an international presence in more than 16 countries. It has more than 20 years of experience in the development of international renewable energy installments and it manages a pipeline of more than 11,2GW and more than 400 projects.
About Cabanes & Ortuño
Cabanes & Ortuño, leading organization in the production of fabrics for sofas, beds and complements. It has more than 30 years of experience and offers its clients an extensive range of products and accessories for the upholstery, rest and footwear sectors, together with a wide range of references with a good value for money.
With the aim of providing their clients with a unique and differentiating character, they have incorporated a new digital printing textile line, where in addition to developing their own collections, they design à la carte collections. They have facilities of 7,000 m2 which, together with an area of ​​more than 40,000 m2, allow them to optimally carry out their production processes and guarantee expansion.

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