20 MARZO 2020

10 Tips for Life During the COVID-19 Lockdown

10 consejos para pasar la cuarentena por coronavirus

The way to stop coronavirus, COVID-19, is clear to the government as well as the majority of the populace: #StayHome. Self isolating in our homes has become the norm for the vast majority of us, which is why all of us at Univergy Solar have decided to set our usual topic of “renewable energy” aside and publish a post that is relevant for all of us right now.

In this post we’ll be giving you 10 tips for how to spend the self-isolation time coronavirus has imposed on us in the best way possible:

1 – Daily Routine: The majority of us who have to stay at home will be working remotely, so in order to stave off apathy we should continue on with life as usual to the extent it is possible.

  • Wake up early
  • Take a shower and get dressed as if you were leaving for work
  • Follow a set schedule: Take regular breaks and eat meals on time

2 – Stay in Shape: For many of us who are used to exercising outside, working out is an integral part of our lives. Gyms understand this, so many of them are offering free online classes, and many personal trainers have stepped up to create workout routines and pilates or yoga classes that we can easily do without leaving the house.

*Important: Dont workout in the same clothes you wear around the house. Change into gym clothes (including tennis shoes), make a playlist, and spend the time you would if you were going to a gym.

3 – Social Life: Having a social life is a very important part of life’s daily routine, so going without this can make us feel down or apathetic. But don’t worry. There are ways around this. Here are some options for doing group video calls:

  • Skype: One of the best apps for group video chats. Up to 10 people can talk on the free version of the app.
  • Hangouts: Google launched this program to compete with WhatsApp, and although it wasn’t very successful to this end, it is really useful for video calls, not to mention it being extremely simple to use because registering only requires you have a Gmail account.
  • Zoom: Platform for online classes where more than 100 participants can interact.
  • Of course, many of the apps we use on the daily also have this type of functionality: WhatsApp, FaceTime for iPhone users or Google Duo for Android users, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat

4 – Virtual Tourism: Many different cities are making it so anyone can tour the city from the internet using their tablet or computer. For example: Have you ever been to Salamanca? Follow this link to go on a virtual tour of the whole city.

5 – Culture: Many theater companies are posting their performances online, and many museums offer virtual tours, such as El Museo del Prado or the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum. Additionally, Unesco has been gracious enough to make their World Digital Library accessible on the internet. Were you always too busy to read in the past? Now’s your chance. Click here for access.

6 – Gain a New Skill: Have you always wanted to specialize in a certain area relevant to your career, learn to use a certain program (Photoshop, AutoCAD, SAP, ERP, etc.) or learn a new language? Now’s the time!

Courses on photography, design, and other creative endeavors

Digital marketing courses

Language courses

7 – Rest: Rest is essential. Thinking you won’t be tired because you’re not leaving the house and because you’re waking up later is a mistake. Our body is used to certain sleep habits, so go to bed at a reasonable time and, like we said in point number 1, get up early. Respect your body’s sleep cycle.

8 – Eat Healthy: Just as it’s important to get plenty of rest, it’s also important to eat a healthy and balanced diet. We’re not suggesting you go on a diet if that isnt in your plans, but when we can’t leave the house and aren’t doing some of our most basic exercise, like walking, because of the COVID-19 lockdown, we’ve all got to be careful about not going overboard on the food.

Make a weekly meal plan and stick to it. That way you can organize your pantry’s supplies much better, and your body will thank you too.

9 – Got Kids? We shouldn’t forget all of the working moms and pops who are on double-duty right now.

First off, while it should be clear that this is not a vacation—so going to the park and playing video games is therefore not a part of the new home schooling plan—this doesn’t mean things can’t be fun. It’s important to plan out each day and give them the same structured routine we need as well: get up early, do chores, rest, play, read, etc.

We recognize that everything gets a little more difficult with kids, so here’s a great article with 70 ideas for playing kids at home.

Crucial daily tasks such as chores and studying can also become a lot more difficult during this time. Here are some websites that could help:

Language arts, math, and science classes

Applied math classes

Learning games

10 – Last but not least, take time for yourself. During these times, we should definitely not go without time to ourselves, especially if we live in a household with multiple people.

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