22 JUNE 2021

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Univergy Solar’s energy is certified by EKOenergy

La energía de Univergy está acreditada por EKOEnergy

Clients for whom we have made a self-consumption installation will be able to benefit from this label and freely exhibit it at their websites and commercial materials, therefore exhibiting that energy produced by their installations is certified 100% renewable.

As you can see at our cooperative website, Univergy Solar counts on a great variety of certifications of all kinds: quality control, environmental, health and safety… Hence, today we will be talking about one of them. One that not only says that all energy produced by our installations is certifies as 100% renewable, but also meets sustainable criteria and finances projects that fight against energetic poverty.

We are referring to EKOenergy’s EKOlabel; an international certification label or seal for renewable energies that is independent and non profitable.

The fact is, nowadays energy saving and production of renewable energy are essential issues to take into account if we want to preserve our planet, as we know it, in the near future. Therefore, more and more organizations are concentrating their efforts on enhancing the use of renewable energies and reducing its carbon footprint. But also getting it certified.

So, for the safety of the consumer who wants to be more sustainable and efficient, EKOenergy is a great solution. These types of certifications are a simple way to credit that the totality of goods and services of a determined company are effectively produced with renewable energy.

Furthermore, EKOenergy is a non profitable seal which belongs to an international network of NGO’s addressing environmental issues! 

We wanted to inform all of you that Univergy Solar counts on this certification and delivers it to clients who have done a photovoltaic installation with us so they can use it. Remember, this label remains a quality label that is recognized internationally and proves commitment to sustainability and renewable energies while it encourages it on others. This leads to an acceleration of the transition to a 100% sustainable society and a world in which we all can live without compromising our future.

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