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Energy certificates are becoming increasingly important

los certificados energéticos son cada vez más importantes.

In the business world, having quality standards that accredit our commitment to quality is very important. Increasingly, companies' commitment to the environment is also being taken into account, which is why sustainability reports are now being drawn up or ecological seals or energy certificates are being obtained.

The truth is that compliance with the standards set by environmental organizations, and by the general public, has taken on great importance today. An energy certificate represents an important asset for anyone committed to limiting their impact on the planet.

There are many ways for companies to reduce their carbon footprint. One of them is to reduce their energy consumption or ensure that it comes from renewable sources. There are several ways to do this. Through PPAs, i.e. buying electricity from a vendor that ensures that the energy generation is renewable, or by installing solar panels, mini wind farms and obtaining energy certificates.

Companies can obtain renewable energy certificates to comply with environmental specifications, or out of a commitment to sustainability. In any case, this represents a very important value for the company, which, thanks to this, will be able to attract a growing number of customers.

Thanks to this type of certification, companies can demonstrate their leadership in sustainable development. They are an instrument that revalorizes the company’s commitment; moreover, they generate projects where there has not yet been investment in renewable energies.

In fact, many companies have established long-term sustainability objectives, supporting and generating investment in renewable energies in areas where it would not otherwise be possible. For example, Telefónica has set itself the target of operating with 100% renewable energy by 2030 and 79% of this energy will come from renewable energy certificates, i.e. only 21% of the energy it consumes will come from suppliers rather than its own facilities, but even then they will be green suppliers.

There are numerous renewable energy certificates, some operate at national, European, international level… and have the characteristic that they are issued, transferred and cancelled electronically and managed locally by specific national bodies.

We remind you that in Univergy Solar we have the international eco-label certification, from ekoenergy and that we make it available to our customers so that they can also prove the origin of their energy. The ekoenergy label is an internationally recognized quality mark and guarantees that the energy consumed meets environmental quality criteria. To prove it, they require the traceability of the energy’s origin.

In short, renewable energy certificates are a very interesting option to guarantee the commitment to sustainability and support the added value of the company. Something that will also become a communication and marketing tool to connect with potential customers. If you are interested in having any of these certifications, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

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