05 NOV 2019

Univergy International and the Association of Farms Administrators of Seville sign an agreement

Univergy Solar firma un convenio en Sevilla para el fomento de las instalaciones de autoconsumo

- The purpose of the agreement is the promotion and spreading of the solar energy installations among the 450 Associated Farm Administrators. The monthly savings that can be achieved through the solar energy installation will be more than 50% of the conventional invoice during the 25-year installation life.

The Spanish-Japanese company UNIVERGY International and the Association of Farm Administrators of Seville have signed a collaboration agreement in order to boost the promotion of Univergy International, a company mainly dedicated to the promotion, construction, assembly, launch, operation and exploitation of photovoltaic installations in order to obtain solar energy.

The main prupose of the agreement will be to transfer information about the access to this kind of clean energies installations aimed at improving the technological capacity and energy savings in Seville among the Association of Farm Administrators, the only professionals who are able to manage rustic and urban farms by legal disposition.

The installations of photovoltaic solar energy are mainly aimed at Residential Self-Consumption, since Univergy International has put a completely new commercial approach in the market, which consists of a tool dseigned by Univergy to operate on time, allowing the show in situ (Managed Farms) through a Tablet, the study, sizing and calculation of the funding (consumer loan) for residential facilities.

Ignacio Blanco, President and CEO of UNIVERGY International, said that “this agreement has a great importance for the change in the model towards clean energies by the Farm Administrators in Seville, so that the solar energy consumption reaches the owners properties, so they can benefit from the advantages and savings of the installation through self-consumption, which will allow to obtain a monthly reduction of more than 50% of the regular invoice.

On the other hand, José Feria Moro, President of the Territorial Association of Farm Administrators of Seville, said that “the most remarkable aspect of the agreement is to be able to transfer first-hand information about the access to the Univergy International great experience of installation and development of residential photovoltaic solar energy self-consumption projects to our members.”

UNIVERGY Internacional, among its different business areas, is specialized in the development, manufacturing and assembly of installations of generation of residential and industrial photovoltaic solar energy self-consumption. This self-consumption systems are the most sophisticated, reliable and efficient in the world since they are provided with Japanese technology. The Residential Self-Consumption is based on the use of solar panels that convert the endless energy of the sun into electrical energy, and it is even possible to storage the energy that is not consumed by achieving a noticeable saving in the invoice that can be up to more than 50% over the conventional. The Real Decree 244/2019 gives way to the future of solar self-consumption, which will signify numerous perks for the consumer.

UNIVERGY International is a Spanish-Japanese company based in Tokyo and Madrid and specialized in the development of large-scale renewable energies projects with an international presence in more than 20 countries in the world. It has a extensive know-how of more than 20 years in the development of energy generation from renewable sources, with a portfolio of projects under development exceeding 2.8 GW.


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