Business lines (services)

Thanks to the experience of its team and the use of the most advanced technology and techniques, Univergy Solar offers all kinds of solutions and configurations to generate clean and renewable energy in any viable environment.

In addition, Univergy Solar has ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certifications that endorse the quality of our work in Quality Management System ISO 9001, Environmental Management ISO 14001 and Health and Safety at Work ISO 45001 and certify the great work of our team also achieving that the actions derived from these administrative and procedural improvements reach our fundamental objective of achieving customer satisfaction.


Our project development department is the area that focuses on obtaining the permits, licenses and authorizations that allow the construction, commissioning and operation of all types of renewable energy facilities, getting involved in the entire life cycle of each project: selection of locations, development engineering, obtaining permits at any level, etc.

Thanks to a broad knowledge of the requirements for project development in each of the countries in which the group is present, Univergy can assume all the phases until reaching the Ready To Built or RTB status, which leads to the materialization of the project.

  • Earthworks
  • Supply of modules, structures and wiring
  • Transport and assembly
  • Negotiation with the suppliers
  • Legalization of the project
Ingeniería Univergy
Example of solar installation in a home


Univergy Solar is specialized in the design and construction of solar self-consumption installations for residential, industrial and agrovoltaic use. 

The advantages of switching to a form of Clean Energy generation are many and therefore, both individuals and companies or farmers and ranchers invest in such facilities. 

Our team of engineers designs the installation according to the special characteristics of each residence or company so that the customer can get the most out of their Solar Self-consumption installation, amortize the initial investment in record time and save almost 50% on their monthly electricity bill. 


Wind energy is one of the most widely used energies in the world. 

This type of energy is produced by the movement exerted by the force of the wind on turbines which in turn convert this energy into electrical energy capable of supplying all our needs. This makes it a 100% clean and CO2 free energy.

Unviergy Solar is developing different international projects of onshore and offshore wind energy. 


photography wind energy
Green hydrogen Station


Univergy Solar’s Green Hydrogen Division is specialized in developing, building, operating and maintaining Green Hydrogen generation facilities (free of pollutants) associated with industrial, domestic and transportation consumption. 

Our team will be in charge of: 

  • Perform the technical/economic study
  • Designing and developing the project
  • Search for financing
  • Construction and start-up of the project
  • Assistance and maintenance 


Our solar pumping service is a leader in the implementation of energy management systems applied to photovoltaic solar pumping installations, both for water supply, industrial installations and irrigation.

A meticulous analysis of the requirements for pumping and water supply determines the viability of the project, the design of the installation, the appropriate pumps and the energy management system, to guarantee an optimal return on investment.

Together with Fuji Electric Europe GmbH, Univergy has developed the world’s most advanced energy management system for pumping water from renewable energy sources, producing installations that have proven excellent performance over thousands of hours of operation”.

Univergy Solar is developing different international onshore and offshore wind energy projects. 

Bombeo Solar
Imagen desarrollo


A qualified human team together with state-of-the-art technology form the basis of our geomatics service, the area responsible for the application of geomatic science to renewable energy engineering, with special emphasis on civil works.

The services of the Geomatics area are available to any company or industry in which the spatial or geographical component of the terrain is a determining factor. A specialized team of engineers and surveyors provide solutions to Univergy’s EPCM and development areas, although they actively participate in projects for other companies. 

Given its extensive abilities and experience, this department constantly establishes synergies with technology and research centres.