Photovoltaic solar development

Development is the engine of our company and gives us exceptional value. The entire development process includes all steps from the selection of the land to the moment just before construction begins. 

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Our company is involved in the entire life cycle of each project: 

Proyecto Solar Palo Leyte
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The design gives us guidelines about the project according to the location and the availability of resources. During this phase, consultations are made between the parties involved including residents, community, local politicians and authorities. 

Thanks to our extensive international experience, our technical team has extensive knowledge of the requirements for project development in each of the countries in which the group is present. Therefore, Univergy Solar can assume all phases until reaching the “Ready to Built” status that gives way to the materialization of the project. 

The technical, economic, societal and environmental feasibility of each project is determined during the development stage via surveys of potential, soil and the impact on the environment and on biodiversity.