Geomatics Division

Geomatics Division develops a variety of techniques for the acquisition and management of spatial data. We center our activities in four main areas or departments:

proyecto topográfico para instalación de planta solar fotovoltaica

Land Surveying:
full of techniques that allow the improvement
of precision in operations such as staking out, boundaring or
surveying. GPS, Total Station and Laser scanning in order to be at
the service of Surveying.

Investigación y evaluación técnica de las características del proyecto

Photogrammetry and GIS:
the area of remote sensing develops
knowledge for the acquisition of precise geoinformation from
sensor onboard of aircrafts or UAV’s system (drone) and for
custom mapping.

Proyecto de EPCM para una planta solar

Civil Engineering:
focused in earthworks calculations and layout
design.We offer land grading quantity estimations in order to
minimizing the financial model of the project.

Proyecto de ingeniería civil de Univergy Solar

Geotechnical Investigation:
provide a technical evaluation,
geotechnical engineering analysis and design solution for civil
engineering actuations. Evaluate methods of assessing the
suitability of both natural and filled ground .

We are a technical consultant dealing in areas from data acquisition to system construction.