26 JUNIO 2020

"The Future of Solar Energy Systems”

The future of Solar Energy Systems

OP-ED ARTICLE - UNIVERGY SOLAR | By Miguel Cullell, engineer at Univergy Solar  

The current electric power system is based on conventional energy sources; which have large negative impacts on the environment and use natural resources which can be depleted, thus making it necessary to evolve toward the use of inexhaustible and clean natural resources, such as can be found in solar energy systems.

Technological developments and their ease of access have led to an increasing consumption of energy by society, which in turn has made it necessary to increase the production thereof. Here at Univergy Solar, we have been aware of this fact and for years we have been working on the development and implementation of all kinds of solar energy production facilities, from production facilities for distribution isolated from the grid, to large solar energy plants consisting of several megawatts of power.

Today, we can say that the future of solar energy is particularly bright; access to alternative energy sources and lower costs of renewable energy have increased the great attractiveness of investing in solar energy systems. Today it is 81% cheaper to buy a single-crystal silicon panel than it was 10 years ago, and the charts show that the price of this will continue to decrease exponentially (which will reduce investment costs), without considering the large amount of aid that financial institutions and city councils provide today.

On the other hand, thanks to the great development of the technology associated with the renewable sector, which has increased its performance by achieving a higher production per square meter and making it competitive with all types of energy production systems, it is possible to see the great future that awaits solar energy.

At Univergy Solar we have a great team of mechanical, electrical, agricultural, architectural, and technical engineers, as well as a great management and coordination team. This positions us as a leading company with extensive experience in the solar energy sector, developing, from large solar energy plant projects to residential solar self-consumption systems of all sizes. You can calculate the installation of your solar energy system here.

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