8 JUNE 2022

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How to switch off your house before going on holiday?


With the rise in electricity prices, many of you will have asked yourselves the question ... What about this summer, how do I switch off the house before I go on holiday? At Univergy Solar we want to help you so that you don't have any surprises with your electricity bill this summer.

If you are going on holiday for several weeks, it is advisable to unplug your appliances and installations before you leave. Unplugging appliances is not only safer, but it can also help you save money by reducing electricity consumption because, even if the house is empty, it still uses electricity.

Appliances such as microwaves, ovens, coffee machines, etc., use a lot of electricity, even when they are not in use. use a lot of electricity, even when they are not being used, but if we are not at home it is not worth keeping them switched on.

Unplug the fridge.

If you are away from home for several days (more than 7 days), it is best to leave the fridge empty and unplugged to reduce the cost of electricity. Take the opportunity to leave it clean before you leave and leave the door open to avoid unpleasant smells. Unplugging it will reduce consumption to zero! To avoid wasting food, you can plan your food consumption for the week before so that when the day approaches you have the fridge as empty as possible.

Deactivate the electrical switchboard.

When you are not going to need electricity because you are not going to be at home, the safest option is to deactivate the electrical switchboard. This is the best option so that all electrical appliances are completely switched off and no electricity is consumed. It is also advisable to leave the router switched off, not only to avoid electricity consumption, but also to prevent intrusions into the wifi network.

What if you don’t want to turn off the electrical panel for fear that something might not work as it should? You can choose to incorporate elements such as home automation in your home to automatically and remotely control some electrical appliances and lighting systems.

Do not leave anything on standby.

There is no point in switching off the fridge or deactivating the electrical panel if you leave the rest of the appliances with the red light on, for example, the television or the stereo. This can be your worst enemy and generate a totally unnecessary expense, accounting for between 7 and 11% of the total amount of electricity consumed per year.

Small electrical appliances.

Small electrical appliances such as coffee machines, toasters and food processors should also be disconnected from the mains when leaving home for a few days. Battery chargers, such as smartphones, tablets or hoovers, should also be removed from the sockets.

Water and gas stopcocks.

To avoid leaks and drips from cisterns or taps, it is important to leave the water and gas stopcocks closed. Did you know that, at the end of the year, a leak can waste many litres of water, which will be reflected in the bill?

This summer, if you want to go on holiday, disconnect from routine and not worry about bills and the safety of your home, follow these tips. 

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