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Micro-wind power: Harnessing the wind for your home

Micro-wind power: Harnessing the wind for your home

Micro-wind power is that energy generated by the movement of the wind not exceeding more than 100 KW, which is therefore perfect for the generation of home energy.

As we have previously commented in other posts, both solar and wind power are considered two of the most widely used types of renewable energy, and, furthermore, these two sources account for more than 67% of the world’s installed energy. Although micro-wind power was booming during the slowdown in solar energy after 2012, today, solar panel facilities for the generation of electricity are more established than micro-wind turbine facilities, with an increasing number of families choosing to install micro-wind, or mixed-power facilities.

This is happening in all branches of the renewable energy sector. Micro-wind power also involves different types of systems in relation to the type of wind turbines used for the installation, direction of the shaft and the shape of the blades.

A brief on-site analysis is required in order to install a power system, whether based on solar, micro-wind or mixed energy, so as to determine which one best suits your specific needs and whether your home or business has the right features for the implementation of the same.

Given that, now more than ever, the development and construction of any of these renewable energy facilities have become affordable to everyone, we only have to decide which one is best suited to our conditions, namely, a home in any of the autonomous communities in the north of the country (Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, Basque Country…) will probably yield better energy performance using wind turbine facilities, since the climate in these regions favors the wind more than the sun.

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