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Renewable energy for your home: ¿what are the options?

energía solar en los hogares

More and more alternatives are making their way into people's homes in order to dispose of renewable energies. Hoping that you could use them to be more sustainable, in this article we explore them.

Renewable energy is constantly growing and soon enough it will be massive. It not only gives us an economic benefit but it also is much more respectful with the environment. Because of that, we want to highlight the most convenient alternatives for your homes and what they cost.

Over the last years, environmental awareness has increased notably, so more and more people have begun to choose alternative methods for generating renewable energy. Now, not only do we have electric and hybrid vehicles available, but we can only choose to use photovoltaic or wind energy to heat our houses or to produce energy.

However, among many options it is difficult to know which one fits us the best.

Solar energy thermal climatization
Thermal solar energy is used principally to heat the water at home. In this case, it will be necessary to install solar panels at the roof and the cost usually is something in between 450 and 650 euros per square meter. In order to heat water for a whole house you will usually require a surface of two to four square meters although this usually depends on the geographic location and the efficiency of the panels.However it is estimated that this type of installation can save up between 75 and 150 euros a year.

Biomass climatization 
In this case, energy comes from organic matter, that can be obtained from olive bone, almond shells, wood splinters… With these systems it may be necessary to change the electric potency. For that you may get in touch with your electric company.
You can install these types of boilers or stoves but you may have to pay 25% more. However, the initial investment only takes five or seven years to recover, so you will be saving a lot of money in comparison with other stoves like diesel, gas, or even electric.

Solar photovoltaic energy for domestic use
Solar panels are an excellent alternative to the electric generation of your house. A little installation that provides 3kW of energy only suppose an investment of around 6.000 euros but can save up to 60% of the costs of electricity. And also, if it produces more energy than you would need  you could always sell it. If you want to break up completely with traditional grid the investment should be higher but that is hardly the case.

A reasonable priced battery to stock renewable energy
Tesla Energy is about to launch a very interesting alternative for people that want to stock their renewable produced energy at home: these are lithium-ion batteries with a very smart design which can be installed easily at any wall to stock energy. These batteries. which will arrive soon to Europe, can provide a steady flow of 2 kW with a maximum of 3 kWp.

All of these are wonderful ideas for using renewable energy for your home. We hope you found them interesting.

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