26 MAR 2019

Requena will be the first province of Peru to offer Solar Energy to the population

Energía Solar en Requena

Mayor Jakers signs an agreement with Univergy Solar to provide clean and cheap energy

Tuesday, 26th March 2019. The city of Requena will install a solar energy plant in order to supply the whole urban zone and even to export to the district of Jenaro Herrera. Mayor Orlando Jakers Huaymacari said that the private company Univergy Solar, which will provide this energy, will be operating the service within 6 months. The blackouts and overpayment of the electricity bills are over.

In a session of the municipal council of the commune of Requena, in which the mayor of the province – Orlando Erning Jakers Huaymacari – along with the secretary – Lawyer Galy Andrea Navas Chávez – the subscription of the inter-institutional cooperation framewok between the municipality of Requena and the private company Univergy solar.

Orlando Jakers said that the company only needs a physical space to lift its plant and operation center. “…the agreement stipulates the lease of a 8-hectares land in favor of the private company Univergy Solar in order to build the energy generator plant up to 8 megawatts there.”

The municipal authority said that, to date, there is a framework agreement signed with a non-governmental organization (NGO) that is in charge of the provision of solar panels to homes located in the rural area and that this new agreement with Univergy Solar will extend this technology throughout the province. “…our regional govenror – Elisbán Ochoa Sosa – will be in charge of the relevant processes with the representatives of Electro Oriente and also with the minister of energy and mines, who were positive about this agreement because the state seeks the usage of evironmentally friendly energies.”

Jakers Huaymacari said that the 8 megawatts that the private company Univergy Solar will produce not only will  supply the city of Requena, but also some neighboring districts will be able to benefit from this service. “…the company told us that the district of Jenaro Herrera will also be able to benefit and we are willing to extend the services to other districts. The entire population will have access to these services and half the current price. Our commitment is to work for the sake of the population and to raise the quality of life of the people from Requena.”

In the end, he added that the details of this agreement will be presented at a press conference in the city of Iquitos. “…we will offer a press conference at the auditorium of the regional government along with the regional governor of Loreto next wednesday. The professor Elisbán Ochoa will announce the scopes of the agreement; we will deliver the land to the private company in the city of Requena on Thursday.”

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