23TH MARCH 2022

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Univergy Solar develops an industrial self-consumption facility in Peru

Planta autoconsumo industrial Chilla

The installation, which has been called the 'PTAR-Chilla' project, is located in the town of Chilla, in the province of San Román (District of Juliaca) and consists of 90 panels of 370Wp each.

Univergy Solar has more than 20 years of experience and presence in more than 20 countries. One of these countries is Peru, where Univergy has a solar project pipeline of 359.34 MW. Therefore, it could be said that the organization has extensive experience developing projects in the area.
After years working in the area and carrying out installations of various sizes, Univergy has found in Peru a country that is committed to renewable energies and is carrying out its own energy transition.

Especially important in the country is solar energy, an emerging energy source that in 2021 had an installed capacity in the country of 331MW. And that is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years due to the great solar potential that the country has.
The project that we are talking about today is located in the town of Chilla, within the district of Juliaca, in the province of San Román and it is an industrial self-consumption installation isolated from the network. This photovoltaic system has 90 photovoltaic panels (each with a peak power of 370W), which will produce a total power of 33.3 kWp.
In addition, to guarantee the autonomy of the system, a battery bank was installed consisting of 64 storage units of 6V nominal each, which are directly connected to the inverter.

This facility will be used for the renovation of the pretreatment system of the waste water treatment plant of the company Tecnología de Fluidos S.A.C and according to Ricardo Ceballos, General Director of the organization; “The photovoltaic system of the Chilla treatment plant will allow the supply of energy to up to five teams that are responsible for separating sand, fibrous solids and grease in the pre-treatment of water, with the use of solar energy, at a very low cost”.
This type of industry usually has a very high electricity consumption, so, in addition to contributing to the fight against climate change, in this case the panels are a saving solution. In its competitiveness and also in its public image by betting on sustainability.
Thanks to Univergy, the client was able to study his consumption before deciding on the best solution so that amortization will occur very quickly. Meanwhile, the company will strengthen its position of innovation and leadership, after making a firm commitment to renewable energies that will also be functional and operational and will provide considerable savings from day one.

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