Wha is the solar pump?

Solar pumping in agriculture​

The solar pumping division is leader in implementation of energy management systems applied to photovoltaic solar pumping installations, for the supply of water, industrial installations and irrigation. 

What do we offer? 

A meticulous assessment of the requirements for the pumping and supply of water to the determine the feasibility of the project, the design of the installation, the adequate pumps, and the energy management system, to guarantee an optimal return of investment.

Univergy Solar has developed, together with Fuji Electric Europe GmbH, an energy management system that is the most advanced in the world for the pumping of water based on renewable energies sources, carrying out installations that have demonstrated an excellent performance during thousands of hours of functioning.

  • RELIABILITY: las unidades de frecuencia variable y componentes de equipo más fiables.
  • ROBUSTNESS: the control, the frequency inverters and the protections are integrated in a cabinet, tested in the manufacturing facilities for the most difficult operating conditions..
  • FLEXIBILITY: pumping and irrigation are easily programmable by the user/operator, locally or remotely
  • COMPATIBILITY: compatible with all pump and irrigation systems, of any brand.


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Placas solares para bombeo solar