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Renewable energies are capable of adapting to smart systems

Renewable energies could maximize their efficiency thanks to the installation of smart systems.


Having solar panels installed means a great saving of electricity in our homes and at the same time we contribute to preserve the environment. It is directly related to energy efficiency; it is about using energy optimally, reducing the consumption of all types of systems. Developing smart systems.

When we enter the world of energy efficiency, home automation and intelligent systems stand out, as they allow us to use a home efficiently.

If we join internet and technologies with renewable energy, we will obtain intelligent homes capable of self-sufficiency at the highest levels.

Renewable energy and home automation to save energy at home

It is clear that lowering the price of the electricity bill is something that worries a large number of Spaniards. Either by the increases in the price of electricity or by the need to reduce pollution and be less harmful to the environment.

And the population is beginning to become aware of the responsible use of energy.

One way to be efficient in our home is to have installed home automation systems, which allow us to use it more efficiently, through its remote control capability. You only need a smartphone that is connected to the internet, in addition to a wifi connection. Whether it is a home or a local commercial use.

Apart from remote control, the most remarkable feature of intelligent systems is their ability to evolve and adapt to the different internal and external factors of the home.

What can we control through home automation?

Nowadays we can control by means of home automation any space of a house. It is worth mentioning a series of factors:

    • Lighting

It has happened to all of us that when you leave home you realize that you have left some lights on and that they are going to stay on until you come back. Thanks to these intelligent systems you can remotely turn them on and off and also adapt outdoor lighting.

    • Security

Security systems have for some time now been adapted to new technologies and can be controlled remotely. We have access to see what is happening in our homes, open or close doors or windows…

    • Home appliances

These types of electronic appliances account for almost 25% of the electricity bill. One of their benefits is that they are smart appliances, capable of turning on before you get home and operating with less electricity consumption, which saves energy.

    • Climate control

Air conditioning is one of the most energy-consuming parts of the system. Fortunately, we can set the system in advance, program the temperature or choose a temperature more in line with the outside temperature.

Intelligent solar panels

As we have mentioned, one reason why so much emphasis is placed on energy efficiency is to reduce energy consumption in order to minimize the impact of pollution.

For domestic hot water (DHW) or heating systems, the best option is to use solar thermal energy, using conventional solar thermal panels or including evacuated tube collectors, to heat the water directly.

Generating electricity using photovoltaic solar panels is becoming increasingly efficient and more electricity is generated per square meter.

In addition, you can opt for intelligent solutions, which allow you to monitor and regulate the electrical and thermal generation of a solar energy installation.

    • Installation

These solar thermal systems provide information to the system about the temperature. They can also provide information about the electrical output of the production. A great advantage is that it detects problems or failures.

    • Internet

The system is capable of extracting necessary information from the grid, as well as forecasting possible weather changes or variations in the cost of electricity. In this way it optimizes production to the maximum.

Benefits of a home automation system with solar panels

  • Increased safety and speed in the event of a problem
  • Energy and economic savings
  • More communication between home and owner
  • Well-being and comfort

Disadvantages of a house with home automation

  • Increase in the cost of smart appliances
  • You may need to increase the power, you can request the power increase by contacting your electric company).
  • Maintenance and possible breakdowns. If the domotic system fails, we will not be able to use the appliances controlled by the intelligent system.

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