30 MARZO 2022

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The best solar panels of 2022

paneles solares

Year after year, solar panels experience improvements and become more efficient and economical. For this reason, installers and developers of large photovoltaic plants like us must keep ourselves up to date and we are very interested in knowing which are the best solar panels in 2022.

If you are also interested in knowing which are the best solar panels in 2022, you are in the right place. This year, 228GW of solar power is expected to be installed worldwide; more than 20% more than the previous year. Therefore, it is more important than ever to know the characteristics of the panels that we are going to use.

Before starting, it is important that we remember that efficiency is not the only aspect that we must consider when choosing a photovoltaic solar module. Efficiency is, of course, a very important factor, but so are reliability, quality assurance, durability and temperature resistance.

What do we understand by efficiency? It is the amount of electricity that a panel is capable of generating, taking into account the solar radiation it receives. It is measured in W/m2 or in a percentage. Currently the efficiency of a solar panel is between 17% the cheapest and 24.5%. Which is a big jump in nominal power.

Among the most efficient solar panels we can find those of the SunPower brands (with the Maxeon model, which also have the lowest level of degradation in the sector), Rec (and its Alpha model, which is also capable of withstanding high temperatures , without reducing its performance), Lg (with the Neon R range) or Jinko (more specifically the Tiger Pro model that is available in mono and bifacial modes).

All brands have panels with efficiencies between 22.20% and 21.6%. They are therefore the most powerful options on the market; Ideal for plants and facilities where space is limited and maximum power is expected.

But, as we said, efficiency is not the only thing we must consider when choosing solar panels. The next thing to keep in mind are two aspects: product and performance warranty; that is, the time in which any failure or problem will be covered by the manufacturer and the time in which it is guaranteed that no loss of performance will occur below that specified.

A solar panel represents a significant investment, therefore, having guarantees on the useful life of the cells and their productivity will largely determine the profitability of the installation. Therefore, it is important to take it into account. In addition, the panels have quality standards to demonstrate things such as their power, safety, and viability.

The International Electronic Commission (IEC) establishes standards that verify the technical and electrical qualities of solar panels and other components of photovoltaic systems. This includes panel uniformity, cell alignment, outer frame strength, junction box mounting, and other things like warranty and quality seals.

IEC 61215: Certification for panels for mainly residential use

IEC 61730: Certification for the safety of modules

IEC 62716: Ammonia Corrosion Test Certification

IEC 61701: Salt mist corrosion test certification

IEC 600682-68: Sand resistance test certification

The best panels that have the best features and guarantees are usually found in the list prepared by Bloomberg of the manufacturers that offer a higher degree of solvency: Tier 1. That is, the brands of solar panels that appear in Tier 1 They are usually those that have their own production facilities and usually have the capacity to supply components to several large projects at the same time and have financing from several financial entities.

The Bloomberg list of the best Tier 1 solar panel brands includes the following brands: Longi Solar, Trina Solar, Jinko, JA Solar, Canadian Solar, Risen Energy, Talesun, Suntech, Chint, LG Electronics, Sharp, Seraphine, Znshine Solar, Winaico, Sun Power, Rec Group, Sumec, ET Solar…and several other brands.

At Univergy Solar we always use panels with maximum reliability and the highest quality standards. After many years working in the solar energy sector, we have come to the conclusion that betting on reliability is the only guarantee that our facilities reflect the professionalism and authority that has placed us in a leadership position in the renewable sector.

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