22 FEBRUARY 2021

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Solar power: Cost-effective and accessible to all

La energía renovable es rentable y está al alcance de todos

Installing solar panels in a residential home or in a company or business is a growing trend among those who seek to generate their own energy in a sustainable way, but unfortunately, it is not as common as it should be.

Different false beliefs are circulating concerning the solar power sector for self-consumption use, thinking that, to install a solar self-consumption system, or what is the same, install solar panels on the roof of your home, involves several months of bureaucratic paperwork and endless cross-talk between the customer and the marketing company, or that users who generate more energy than what they consume must register as a professional in the sector to be able to sell the surplus.

In reality, this situation has changed enormously in recent years, first with the elimination of the already famous solar tax and especially, in March last year, with the entry into force of Royal Decree 244/2019, which regulates the part involving compensation for surplus energy in these types of facilities.

Well then, in conclusion we can say that we are in the best possible moment to start using solar energy as the main source for the generation of electric power; why is this?

First of all, thanks to the exceptional conditions of the country in which we live and the large number of hours of sunlight exposure bathing most of the Spanish provinces, specialized companies can take the liberty of ensuring that the return on investment in solar power systems is enormous.

It is at best understandable that the lack of knowledge regarding everything related to this type of facility has some kind of influence so that, the growth and expansion of solar power, as a source of energy, is slower than it should be.

Here at Univergy Solar, a company specializing in Renewable Energy and its Division of Solar Self-Consumption Systems, focused in particular on the design and installation of solar power self-consumption systems for residential and industrial use, we work by putting customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal. Therefore, the complete experience of switching to Solar Power with us includes everything: Design and engineering of the facility, personalized customer service, management of bureaucratic procedures and application for permits, if necessary, possibility of special conditions for financing, and so on.

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