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2 JUNIO 2020

Sustainable fashion: Helping preserve the planet by more responsible consumption

sustaniable fashion

A simple knitted t-shirt emits almost 10kg of carbon into the atmosphere during its various life phases: Production, transport, washing and disposal. That is why we must begin to raise awareness concerning the textile sector as one of the industries with the highest carbon footprint on the planet. How can we help reduce this footprint? In this second issue of Univergy’s Green Week, we would like to tell you how to achieve this. 

  • Do not buy impulsively: Today it is possible to find fairly inexpensive clothes, both for men and for women, so we no longer buy only out of necessity, but also impulsively. How do you know if you are making impulsive purchases? Ask yourself these questions: Have you ever bought anything without needing it? Do you have new clothes in the closet without use? When cleaning around, have you found any clothes you did not remember you had? If any of the above answers is yes, then you make impulsive purchases.

A good tip to avoid making this kind of impulsive purchasing is that, before buying, think if you have something similar in the closet and if this garment is really going to be used regularly.  In addition, a widely used practice to avoid purchasing potential or unnecessary clothing is to avoid buying it at the spur of the moment; if you are not 100% convinced at the time of purchase, give yourself two or three days to think calmly instead of first buying and then returning the item. 


  • Check the second-hand purchase/sale options: There are many stores where you can buy and sell used clothing, both on site and online. If you do not wish to buy second-hand clothes, you can sell them, given that this practice will not only help you reduce your carbon footprint by giving your used clothing a second use, but you can also earn some extra money.
        Second-hand stores in Madrid
        Second-hand stores in Barcelona
        Second-hand stores in Seville
        Second-hand stores in Valencia
       Online second-hand stores
        Micolet | Wallapop | Vinted
  • Reuse your clothes: If you do not wish to buy or sell used clothes, another option is to give a different use to the clothes you are going to wear. For example, you can turn those long jeans you no longer wear into custom-made shorts or a scarf into a crop top, even those shirts or pajamas you no longer wear will make great kitchen cloths. You can find thousands of ideas on social networks such as Pinterest.
         Ideas for reusing clothes
  • Donate your clothes: If none of the above ideas has convinced you, we can return to the most basic option. Give your clothes to an NGO, neighborhood association, church… There are countless places where you can donate your clothes. 


  • Recycle: In some cases, we may have clothing that cannot be reused, donated, or sold regardless of how much we would like to do so. Well, in this case, the best thing we can do is throw them away, but do not throw them into the normal waste container. Clothes can be recycled and fortunately, there are many stores that give us these kinds of solutions, for example, H&M stores have containers for recycling used clothes and for each bag they give you a 5% discount voucher for your next purchase.

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