4 JUNIO 2020

5 ideas for a sustainable home

5 ideas for a sustainable home

On the occasion of the World Environment Day, which is celebrated tomorrow, June 5, Univergy Solar has created its Univergy's Green Week, a week in which you can discover simple and new ways to help reduce your environmental footprint.

Over the course of the week, we have discussed different issues that help in the achievement of our goal: Make responsible purchases, sustainable fashion, or the keys to good recycling. Today we are going to discuss how to turn your home into sustainable housing:

  • Insulate your home: Proper insulation in ceilings and windows directly affects the cost of heating and air conditioning, which besides making us responsible for the proper use of energy, is also good for our personal finances.
  • Energy-efficient lighting: Technology has made great strides in recent times and, for several years now, energy-efficient light bulbs have been on the market which, besides being less polluting, have an extended useful life and different color tones to bring warmth to the home. Plus, with smart lighting systems you can save between 70% and 90% on power consumption.
  • Install renewable energy sources: We are very fortunate to live in a country with the greatest number of hours of sunshine in Europe, so we need to take advantage of this benefit. By installing Solar Self-Consumption in your home or neighborhood community you are increasing your contribution in the fight against climate change, besides helping save in household expenses by cutting your monthly bills in half.
  • Flow restriction systems: Responsible use of energy is not the only positive change we can make in our homes; responsible water consumption is also a good measure to be environmentally committed.

Changing flow restriction systems in taps and showers or installing dual-flush valves in toilet cisterns are some measures that can save a lot of water, while using the same amount. In addition, these are jobs that you can do yourself at home.

  • Correct use of appliances: The most modern appliances are already properly labeled with energy controls so that consumers can know whether they are energy-efficient or not. However, there are many small steps which we can incorporate into our daily routine that can contribute to energy savings:


Avoid leaving electronic devices, such as the TV or computer, on standby and turn them off completely.

Disconnect plugs from chargers and from electronic devices when not in use.

When performing tasks such as ironing, avoid ironing a different thing every day, instead, gather everything you need and do it all at once.

Do not use air conditioning or heating with the house windows open

To the extent possible, try to consume energy in the off-peak hours (morning and evening).

Use the residual heat of the oven to heat up the rest of your food, i.e., if you have used the oven to cook one dish you can heat the other food in the oven also, instead of using the glass ceramic hob or microwave, and vice versa. 

By following these 5 simple and easy-to-implement ideas you will transform your house into a sustainable home and reduce your environmental footprint.

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