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Sustainable economy for 2022

Persona estudiando las previsiones económicas

What’s in store for us? I mean, energetically, of course. 2021 was the year in which we first observed an economic recovery and it's expected that 2022 will be the same in this aspect. Everything seems to indicate that in this new period we are entering now one of the world's most important objectives will be the energy transition and achieving a 100% sustainable economy.

Now that we are beginning a new economic term, we should ask what trends are awaiting to consolidate a sustainable economy. With the covid-19 crisis more contained than ever thanks to the arrival of vaccines, forecasts begin to rebound globally, pending the evolution of the pandemic.

According to the Global Economic Prospects report of the World Bank, it is predicted that 2021 would end with a 5.6% growth rate, despite an irregular scattering between countries. And for 2022, global institutions agree to transfer a message of optimism, with a sustained economic rebound.

In so far as in the euro zone, a growth over 4.6% is expected in 2021 and over 4.7% for 2022. Prospects will be especially better in Spain, which will be the European economy that will grow the most, after the Spanish Bank elevated its forecast several tenths up to 6.2% in 2021 and 5.8% in 2022.

Meanwhile, in the field of business -always in constant change- it is getting more and more dynamic. One of the core trends forthcoming in the next months, along with advances in AI and cloud storage , is the development of new supplies and technologies of energy to develop a sustainable economy.

Energy will experience significant changes in the future, both short and long term, and will have a great impact on the economy. Trend is clear: to reach carbon neutrality through the transition to renewables in view of the increased demand of energy globally.

Together with advanced IT power, new supplies and technologies of energy will boost business development in many industries. Along with the prospects of employment creation in the energetic sector and, more precisely, in the renewable área, it could easily be said that this is going to become a key industrial sector for the future’s sustainable economy.

According to reports, renewable energies have become the most efficient technologies for electricity generation and also, the most attractive for investment in every region of the world. Especially solar and wind energy, because of the rapid pace in which their installation advances, challenging the expectations of the most optimistics even.

Wind and solar energy have already reached price parity in the grid and they are as competitive as conventional sources -or more. In fact, the International Energy Agency, in one of its latest reports (World Energy Outlook 2020), in which it projects possible energetic scenarios for the future, foresees a solar energy boom for 2022.

Support policies and advances in technology are having a considerable impact amongst this implantation. However, it is a fact that solar photovoltaic energy is now consistently cheaper than energy generation plants fueled with coal or gas, all around the world.

Everything points in the direction that renewables will continue reaffirming its central role in the economy  facing next term and this will be a critical year for its complete implantation. In addition, it is a real Good moment to invest in them, 100% clean and inexhaustible sources of energy to develop a sustainable economy and help take care of the environment.

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