13 OCTOBER 2022

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The energy saving plan for this winter has been approved, what are the measures and recommendations?

The energy saving plan

Last Tuesday, the Council of Ministers approved its energy contingency plan, a strategy designed over the last few months with the aim of reducing consumption for the coming winter, as required by Brussels of all Member States.

In previous months, the government has already applied a series of energy saving and efficiency measures and promoted the energy saving strategy by implementing some measures such as regulating thermostats in certain buildings and turning off shop windows.

To complement the previous measures, the government has approved the new energy saving plan “More Energy Security Plan“, as defined by the Vice-President and Minister for Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera. This plan includes 73 energy security measures that aim to achieve savings of between 5% and 13.5% in national gas demand between August 2022 and March 2023, taking as a reference the average of the last five years, as set by the EU.

With regard to families:

Ribera has assured that more information will be provided to consumers in the references on their bills, in addition to deploying more smart meters for gas consumption. Gas and electricity cuts for households this autumn/winter due to lack of supply have also been ruled out, due to the significant diversification and network of regasification plants in Spain. The plan will also include the extension of the coverage of the “bono térmico” and the “bono social eléctrico” and bill reductions for the 1.6 million households with community boilers.

Regarding companies:

The government will give SMEs the possibility of accessing the financing market through a “green kit” to undertake investments in energy efficiency and renewables. As for public administrations, the government wants the public sector to contribute to achieving the objectives of this plan with measures aimed at energy savings in public buildings and they will also have to review public lighting and other energy services for possible replacement.


To raise consumer awareness of the need and importance of energy saving, the government will promote campaigns in service sector companies to have information points and informative posters.

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