11 MAY 2022

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What types of anti-spill system exist?

types of anti-spill system

The anti-spill system is a device that must be integrated in all self-consumption installations that use the surplus generation modality, but without compensation.

The installation must have a system that controls that the surplus energy generated by the solar panels is not automatically discharged to the grid.

These systems are mainly used for residential and industrial solar self-consumption installations, but they are also increasingly used in large plants. That is why there are different types of anti-discharge systems. 

There are mainly two types of anti-spill systems:

  • Those that limit the current and therefore do not need to use any type of inverter to regulate the power generation capacity.
  • Those, which do regulate the power exchange. The latter does work with an inverter that is able to limit the extraction of solar energy.


These are the two ways to avoid dumping surpluses to the grid. In the same way, the location of the anti-discharge systems can be different:

  • They are either located at the point of the public distribution network or.
  • At the point of the consumer’s internal network, where the generation is connected to the loads.


The anti-spill devices must also comply with the provisions of Annex 1, section 1.4 of ITC-BT-40 of the Low Voltage Regulation. While the regulation of self-consumption systems is established in Royal Decree 244/2019 regulating self-consumption.

The anti-disposal of energy systems is becoming less common, nowadays, because many people are encouraged to sell the surplus of their energy with simplified compensation system of surplus, but sometimes it is still a good option. In Univergy Solar, we have used this type of systems in the occasions in which the client benefits from this type of self-consumption and we guarantee the importance of the study of the development of the installation so that the consumer benefits from the greatest possible savings.

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