11 MARZO 2020

Univergy Solar and Cajamar Sign an Agreement to Finance Residential and Industrial Solar Installations

Fernando Dávila (derecha), director de desarrollo de negocio de Univergy Solar, en la firma del convenio con el responsable de Cajamar

- Financing for “home solar” for systems up to 15 kWp - Monthly savings come in at 50% of a typical power bill for 25-year lifespan of a solar system

Madrid, March 11th, 2020. The Hispanic-Japanese company Univergy Solar and the credit union Cajamar have signed a collaboration agreement in order to finance products related to RESIDENTIAL AND INDUSTRIAL SELF-GENERATION OF ENERGY. These products favor investments in Renewable Photovoltaic Solar Energy installations, and are purposed to improve technological capability and energy savings all over Spain.

The agreement is primarily focused on home solar systems, since Univergy Solar has launched an entirely new market approach centered around a proprietary application that Univergy has developed. This tool works on a tablet in real time to show customers in the comfort of their own home the study, dimensions, and financing details  (consumer lending) for residential solar installations of up to 15 kWp.

The most noteworthy point of the agreement is Univergy and Cajamar teaming up to finance loans of up to 10 years, which will enable customers to pay off a solar system in a short period of time while benefiting from monthly savings equal to or even greater than their loan payments.

Ignacio Blanco, president and CEO of Univergy Solar, pointed out that “this new financing model positions Cajamar and Univergy Solar as leading companies in Spain when it comes to offering solutions for investing in residential and industrial self-generation of energy. This will help our clients take advantage of the benefits and savings that stem from installing clean energy alternatives.”

On his end, José Antonio Guerrero, Cajamar’s regional director, indicated that “our organization emphatically supports the renewable energy sector, and with this agreement we are making financing available to businesses and families so they can install clean energy solutions that, besides saving them money on their daily energy needs, contribute to environmental sustainability.”

Similarly, Fernando Dávila, Univergy Solar’s Business Development director, stated that “the most noteworthy aspect of the agreement is that Cajamar and Univergy will offer financing that will allow customers to pay off their solar systems in a short period of time, since they will be saving more than 50% of a typical power bill every month.”

UNIVERGY Solar specializes, among its different areas of business, in developing, manufacturing, and installing photovoltaic solar systems for “residential and industrial self-generation of energy.” These solar systems for homes and businesses are the most sophisticated, reliable, and efficient in the world, due to Japanese technology.

“Residential self-generation of energy” is based on using solar panels to convert the sun’s never-ending supply of energy into electric power. Energy that is not used can also be stored in order to obtain considerable savings on electricity bills: up to more than 50% of a conventional power bill. Spain’s Royal Decree 244/2019 opened the door to the future of solar energy, which will afford consumers countless advantages.

The credit union Cajamar maintains an ongoing commitment to a sustainable economy, whether through its financing options designed to incentivize installing solar energy systems in homes and businesses, its ‘green’ financing for properties whose heating has the ‘A’ energy certification, as well as financing for more efficient watering systems and sustainable vehicles (electric, natural gas, and hybrid).

About Univergy Solar

UNIVERGY Solar is a Hispanic-Japanese company with headquarters in Tokyo and Madrid. They specialize in large-scale renewable energy projects and have an international presence in more than 20 countries across the globe. They have 20 years of extensive experience developing renewable energy projects, with a portfolio of projects in development of over 4 GW.

Website: www.univergysolar.com

About Cajamar

CAJAMAR is Spain’s first rural savings bank and credit union. Its activities are directed to covering the financing needs of businesses, self-employed individuals, and collectives. Cajamar is integrated and is the primary shareholder in the Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar, which manages a business volume of 79,523,000 euros and assets amounting to 47,406,000 euros. They have 956 offices, 121 branches, and 5,483 employees serving 3.4 million clients.

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