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26 ABR 2019 | La Vanguardia

Univergy sings an agreement with Hoanh Son Group for a 50MW Solar Projects in Vietnam.

Instalación 50 MW Hoanh Son Group

The EPCM team of Univergy International is running photovoltaic solar plants in Japan, Vietnam, the Netherlands and Togo.

Madrid, Ho Chi Minh, 26th April 2019.– The Spanish-Japanese company Univergy International has signed a EPCM agreement (Owner Engineering) with the Vietnamese company Hoanh Son Group to develop a photovolatic solar energy project of 50 MW.

The activity will consist of the supervision of all the engineering work by a own EPCM team of Univergy KK (Japan) replacing Vietnam from the beginning of the works in order to implement the engineering model for the subcontractors that build the project, through the transfer of the know how of Univergy KK, so that the quality of the project, as well as the execution terms, are carried out within the agreed deadlines.

The team specialized in EPCM projects of Univergy International is currently running photovoltaic solar plants in more than four countries, which are: Japan, Vietnam, the Netherlands and Togo.

Ignacio Blanco, President of UNIVERGY International and Univergy KK, has said that “we are contributing our own EPCM services to this 50 MW project in Vietnam through the implementation of our best engineering and efficiency practices in the development of a photovoltaic solar plant.” 

Blanco added that “Vietnam has represented a strategic maket in the development of photovoltaic solar projects for Univergy for two years along with our Vitnamese partners, with whom we are extending our client portfolio.”

Vietnam, after the cancellation of the nuclear plan of the country, seeks new energy sources that reduce the energy deficit that has been increasing every year. So since the wind farms are under development, it is time for the photovoltaic solar energy to come to light. In this context, the Asiatic country aim to reach the 32% of energy consumed from renewable sources by 2030 and, consequently, to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by 25%.

UNIVERGY International is a Spanish-Japanese company based in Tokyo and Madrid and specialized in the development of large-scale renewable energies projects with an international presence in more than 20 countries in the world. It has a extensive know-how of more than 20 years in the development of energy generation from renewable sources, with a portfolio of projects under development exceeding 2.6 GW.


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