15 FEBRUARY 2021

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Univergy Solar and Fox sign an agreement to facilitate access to PV Solar Systems in Alicante

Univergy Solar y Fox llegan a un acuerdo de autoconsumo industrial en Alicante

The Spanish-Japanese company, Univergy Solar and Fox Energía, join in cooperation to supply of solar self-consumption solutions in Alicante.

This agreement between Univergy Solar and Fox Energía has the firm objective of bringing industrial solar self-consumption systems to all local and regional industry with high levels of energy consumption, so that customers can benefit from all the advantages that solar self-consumption systems have to offer.

The Spanish Government has placed its focus on Renewable Energy in 2021. Thus, it positions this type of alternative for electricity generation as one of the best options to contribute to the national decarbonization plan, ensuring also that users can generate a large part of the energy consumed in their company or business.

The business model, adopted by both companies within this agreement, offers added value to the customer who installs it through us, given that, in this case, it is the company that is responsible for all the phases that make up the installation process of the solar self-consumption system; starting from the conceptual design of the facilities to the construction and start-up of the same, absorbing also the responsibility of requesting all those permits and subsidies that are part of the project, depending on the possibilities offered by the different public administrations concerned.

Spain in general, and the province of Alicante more specifically, offer enormous possibilities for paying off the facilities, thanks to their exceptional weather characteristics. Thus, solar self-consumption systems located in this geographical setting will be highly efficient for customers.

Univergy Solar also has ISO certifications for quality, environment and safety and health that guarantee a relationship of professionalism, transparency and of the highest quality for customers. 

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