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Univergy Solar opens its first solar self-consumption franchise in Barcelona

Univergy Solar opens its first franchise of solar self-consumption in Barcelona

- Univergy Solar is committed to Catalonia for solar self-consumption systems within the context of its national expansion plan. - Univergy Solar will install more than 2,500 kW of solar power self-consumption systems in Spain in 2020 - Solar self-consumption systems installed by Univergy Solar in Spain for residential and industrial use means a reduction in emissions to the environment of more than 2,000 tons of CO2

Madrid, Barcelona, November 26, 2020. – Univergy Solar, a Spanish-Japanese company with a large worldwide presence in the photovoltaic sector, inaugurates its first solar self-consumption franchise in Catalonia. This new franchised space, located in Barcelona, responds to the national expansion plan that the company has launched in Spain.
Ignacio Blanco, President and CEO of Univergy Solar, says that “the opening of this first franchise in Barcelona represents our flagship franchise in Spain, which means an important achievement in the strategy of the company through its business unit of residential and industrial solar self-consumption systems based in Palencia, from where we are developing a Plan of Franchises covering the entire national territory.” He goes on to add that, “the Catalan market for solar self-consumption systems will have an exponential development of enormous importance because of the commitment made by institutions and the general population to address the climate gap.”
In turn, Juan Felipe Pérez, Director of Franchises at Univergy Solar, states that “Catalonia is a community of great importance within our strategy of national expansion, and we are confident that this first franchise will lead us to strong development throughout the region.” He also adds
that “Spain is a country that has the best characteristics to ensure the profitability of solar power facilities. Since 2019, the national installed power of solar self-consumption systems has experienced great growth and all forecasts point to that sector being positioned as one of the most profitable in the market.”
Finally, Emilio López, manager of the new Univergy Solar Center in Barcelona, says that
“We start with high market expectations for the development of the franchise in Barcelona and Catalonia, since we have the techniques and know-how of the renewable energy sector and, based on this, we have supported this investment to achieve our goal of implementing both industrial and residential solar self-consumption systems.”
Univergy Solar will provide the entrepreneur with all the know-how resulting from its solid international trajectory in competitive markets. In turn, the franchisee must provide business experience, marketing capacity and involvement for business implementation and development of the Univergy Solar brand in its area of action.
The Univergy Solar business group was created in 2012 as a result of the merger of various entities with extensive experience in the renewable energy sector. Since its inception, it has experienced significant growth, positioning itself as a global developer of sustainable projects. Its main headquarters are located in Madrid and Tokyo, from where they manage offices located in different parts of Europe, Asia and Latin America.
Univergy Solar’s areas of action focus on the renewable energy sector, with special interest in the development, construction and operation of photovoltaic solar energy projects, as well as its multiple domestic, industrial and agricultural applications, maintaining a constant search for guarantees that improve the efficiency of recycling and reuse processes.

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