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We all have a role to play in the energy transition


The consequences of greenhouse gas emissions affect us all, and so does the solution. Today, the challenge is so great that it involves a major global commitment.

Science tells us that in the 21st century, to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, we will need to reduce our net CO2 emissions to 45% by 2030 and close to zero by 2050. It was clear from the outset that the target was ambitious, but achievable.

With this target in mind, companies must commit themselves to the zero emissions target. Not only in the process of producing goods and services, but also in the value chain on which we depend to execute it.

At the same time, people must include the values we claim to uphold in the decision-making process. Asking ourselves whether these values are shared by the companies we buy from or the institutions that represent us is a fundamental step.

At Univergy we are aware that if there is one sector in which action is decisive, it is the energy sector. To give you an idea, it is estimated that approximately three quarters of all emissions come from burning fuels – mainly gas, coal and oil – to generate the growing demand for energy. We are therefore working hard to ensure that the transition to the new model is not only quick and efficient, but also easy and produces tangible benefits wherever we operate.

Our commitment to a job well done and to the environment is also reflected in the certifications we have obtained. Among others, we have ISO 9001 for quality management and 14001, which ensures that our actions are respectful of the natural environment.

Committing to renewable energies is not only an imperative need to mitigate the effects of climate change, it is also a means to make policies that are committed to sustainability and the harmonious development of the territories a reality.

Joining forces, pushing in the same direction, working with quality and respecting natural and cultural values are objectives that we strive to make a reality in our day-to-day work. 

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