Wind power

Wind power is one of the main sources of renewable energy in Spain.

It is the energy obtained from the wind, the use of the kinetic energy derived from the large masses of air that is converted into mechanical energy with movement and from which electricity is obtained.

In addition to the savings from generating electricity using wind turbines, the transformation of wind energy into electrical energy avoids the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and the consequent negative effects that this increase could cause.

The Advantages of Wind Power


Since the source of this type of energy is the wind, it means that it is inexhaustible.

It doesn’t pollute

It is considered a 100% clean energy source that does not pollute the planet with CO2 emissions

Cost effective

Low maintenance cost of the wind turbines and their high production level


Wind energy is easily available anywhere in the world

The Importance of Wind Power

Wind energy development infographics at Univergy Solar


Wind Power Division

Aerogeneradores produciendo Energía Eólica

In 2019, Univergy Solar created its own Division in Spain, thanks to the experience of a team of experts working in the sector since 2001 and with more than 200mW

International experience:

Esquema conexión

Univergy Solar has extensive international experience in the Wind Energy sector with different projects in countries such as: Portugal, Italy or North Africa

Innovation and Technology

Construcción de un aerogenerador para una planta de Energía Eólica

At Univergy Solar, we work with the latest innovations in the sector and use the best technologies in all of our projects

Wind power development in Spain

Maquinaria preparando el terreno para constucción de una planta de energía eólica

In 2019, Univergy started developing 3 projects in Spain: PE Las Callejas: 31.5mW | PE El Canajo: 8mW | PE El Taragudillo: 4mW

The future of wind power

Wind energy increase in Spain

Outline of future prospects for wind energy