11 JUNIO 2020

“Solar Energy: in search of energy independence”

La llegada de la independencia energética
OP-ED ARTICLE - UNIVERGY SOLAR | By José Javier Villena, design engineer at Univergy Solar

With high expectations in the foreseeable future, solar energy is the most robust and reliable instrument for achieving the new upcoming energy transition.

In the last few years, as a result of the lifting of administrative restrictions concerning solar power self-consumption systems, along with the reduction in prices and improvement in the efficiency of components, we are now at a key turning point in the energy landscape, both at national and international level.

On the part of the Univergy Solar human team, it is clear that the commitment to solar energy should concentrate the efforts of society as a whole if possible. How do we fit our proposal into the current system, particularly with regard to the national landscape?

Based on the data published by Red Eléctrica de España (REE by its acronym in Spanish), in its latest annual report, solar photovoltaic energy occupies 8.2% of installed power with about 8,600 MW installed, covering 8,720 GWh per year of the Spanish electricity market demand. Compared to 39% of the installation of non-renewable energies and fossil-dependent fuels, such as nuclear power, combined cycle or coal powered plants. These technologies depend on resources which must be imported from outside national territory, besides being potentially hazardous to the environment.

In view of this situation, it is essential to increase our capacity in photovoltaic solar energy. One of the great benefits encouraging the switch to this type of energy is the great capacity for self-consumption, because thanks to the solar resources we have in Spain, it has been proven that economic savings of 50% are easily achieved, as well as energy coverage of similar magnitude.

Self-consumption systems convert us into owners of our own electricity, at 0 cost, in a way that is respectful and clean with regard to the environment, helping our electric system move toward a clean energy mix with greater presence of renewable energies. The effect of the latter is beneficial not only for the national economy on a large scale, since it exempts us from being energy-dependent on third parties, but also, due to the operating system of the Spanish electricity market, the integration of renewable energy helps reduce the daily market price. Considering that these technologies are applied obligatorily and offer their energy at 0€/MWh, the effect of greater integration of renewable energies reduces the daily market cut-off price, which in turn, because of the domino effect of the generation-transport and marketing chain, lowers the price of electricity for small consumers. For more information, please consult the daily market closing prices to compare the previous comments at the website of OMIE.

For these reasons, Univergy Solar firmly believes that solar energy is the fundamental pillar for this change.

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