10 OCTUBRE 2020

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The deadline for submitting proposals for the Energy Storage Strategy has been opened

Period for submission of claims for energy storage strategy is opened

The transformation and modernization of the Renewable Energy sector is the key to achieving the objectives set out in the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan 2021-2020 (PNIEC by its acronym in Spanish). Included among these is the MITECO Energy Storage Strategy.

Energy storage has become one of the strategic tools for promoting and facilitating the transition from conventional energy to renewable energy for both companies and individuals. One of the biggest problems encountered by professionals in the sector is the energy storage issue, and that is why the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge has opened this draft for public consultation.

Within this draft strategy, 10 actions are established with more than 65 different measures aimed at promoting energy storage and boosting technological competitiveness, which is essential for encouraging the good development of the same. In addition, the Ministry indicates that job creation will be stimulated, Spain will advance in its position in matters of clean energy and technologies, and people’s health and the environment will improve as well.

This energy storage strategy deals mainly with the technical analysis of the different technologies and solutions for energy storage. In this document, an increase in storage volume is planned from the currently available 8.3 GW to 20 GW in 2030, and 30 GW in 2050.

As we indicated at the beginning of this post, the draft on the energy storage strategy is open for a public consultation process by which companies and professionals in the sector can submit proposals to this strategy. The term for submitting these proposals shall be open until November 9. The proposals may be sent to the following email address: bzn-almacenamiento-ener@miteco.es identifying the sender and indicating in the subject line the name of the proponent.

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