EPCM - Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management

The Univergy EPC division adds its skills and abilities in the construction and launch of the renewable energy generating plants of all kinds of facilities: ground, floating and solar roofs, etc. Regardless of whether these are small self consumption installations or large photovoltaic plants, this department offers maximum flexibility, participating in EPC management as prime contractor or subcontractor, with more than 250 MW currently built. The technical team that makes up the EPC division of Univergy Solar takes care of all relations between the customer and suppliers or construction companies and provides a flexible solution to the customer, always showing transparency in all required agreements.


Planification, layouts, calculations, preliminary studies, planimetry, civil, electrical and mechanical design, and construction coordination.


Coordination of every phase of construction management project, detailed engineering, final design and construction management.


Management of contracts and agreements with suppliers, seeking to optimize the terms of quality, quantity, cost, time and guarantee.


Initialization and administration of the installation, seeking the compliance with the expectations of efficiency and profitability.

Proyecto de EPCM para una planta solar
proyecto topográfico para instalación de planta solar fotovoltaica