10 JUNIO 2020

"Solar Energy and the Environment”

Energía Solar y Medioambiente
OP-ED ARTICLE - UNIVERGY SOLAR | By Beatriz Arino Braña, Environment Department of Univergy Solar

The importance of taking care of the environment is a current issue, among other things, because of climate change and the effects that this will have and is already having.

There are more and more policies and actions attempting to curb or mitigate the effects of climate change, such as awareness-raising campaigns, policies for the conservation of natural spaces, the advancement of electric means of transport or the promotion of renewable energy, including solar energy.

Solar energy is energy provided by sun radiation. It can therefore be said that this source is inexhaustible, which is not the case with fossil fuels, for example. In addition, solar energy is clean and does not generate waste requiring treatment. In this case, this type of energy does not produce CO2 or other polluting gases.

Another advantage of renewable energies is that they do not require large amounts of water for operation. This aspect is very beneficial in view of the fact that water is a very valuable resource and other actions lead to its contamination.

In addition, one of the benefits of solar energy is that it supports rural environment. It is a well known fact that rural depopulation is a problem at present and that many unproductive lands are abandoned. These lands can be used for solar power facilities, which will help the owners economically through the income they generate, giving these lands also a new use by avoiding their abandonment.

If you are interested in contributing to help mitigate climate change through the use of renewable energy, solar energy specifically, it is not necessary to own land, everyone can participate in this effort by using solar self-consumption systems. These facilities allow the users to be the owners of their own energy.

In general, solar energy generates benefits at environmental level, at user level, and at country level, allowing the use of one’s own resources to obtain energy and eliminating the need for fossil-fuel dependency found in other countries.

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