5 JUNIO 2020

Univergy Solar celebrates World Environment Day with Univergy's Green Week

Article on International Environment Day

Today, June 5, 2020, is the day for commemorating the World Environment Day and here at Univergy Solar, as you probably noticed if you regularly follow our blog, we have celebrated Univergy’s Green Week. For an entire week, we have dedicated all of our posts and publications to carry out an initiative for the purpose of standardizing the idea of sustainable life.

While it is important to have the necessary infrastructure to be able to eliminate our environmental footprint, we have also discovered that with some small and simple changes in our daily lives, we can do many things without the need for large facilities or financial outlays, as can be seen in this week’s articles.

Univergy Solar’s work with regard to the sustainability of the planet is not limited to simply creating this initiative, but since its creation in 2012, the company has been working to find solutions that are available to everybody, economically feasible and technologically advanced.  Not only is it a question of changing the conventional energy production system by harnessing natural resources for self-sustainable living, but it also involves directing all of our actions in life to revolve around this utopian idea of achieving a sustainable planet that our descendants can inherit.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a direct impact on the environment and has allowed us to see how nature has taken advantage of this “rest” to begin to heal itself. Thus, as a society, we must seek our place of coexistence within it, and not the other way around.

Achieving energy produced by using 100% natural resources is attainable, a fact duly supported by studies in the field of solar, wind and photovoltaic energy systems. So, why not try it? By making a small investment now, we can achieve a better future for all.

Univergy Solar’s contribution is reflected in the business plan it has been working on since its inception, working with 100% renewable materials, helping the local economy in all countries where it operates facilities, and seeking technological improvements to make solar energy available to all. Univergy Solar: Energy for all.

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