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27 MARZO 2020

5 Golden Rules for Staying Productive While Working Remotely

5 reglas de oro para mantener la productividad con el teletrabajo

For the majority of us in Spain, we have at least three more weeks of working remotely. The latest news suggest at least until April 11th. This makes it harder for all of us, and this is normal, to stay productive while working remote.

Of course, telecommuting is nothing new. It isn’t a recent invention, but in Spain, according to Eurostat in October 2019 only 7% of workers opted for working remote, even if it were just one day out of the week. This means that we’re still not used to fulfilling a 40-hour work week from home.

Investing in teleworking comes with its own advantages and risks, but right now it’s the safest option, which is why most companies are going this route to keep their employees healthy. One of the most common risks is a drop in motivation and productivity as the days go by. In this post, we’ll be giving you 5 basic rules to stay productive while teleworking:

  • Make yourself your own workspace and make sure it has what you need. If you can, clear a table and convert it into your own little office. This will make it much easier to keep two different environments separate despite them being in the same place.
  • Establish a time you get to work and a time you leave work as well as specific breaks spread throughout the day.
  • Plan your work agenda and split up different tasks into their own schedules. Making yourself an excel sheet to keep track of how many hours you dedicate to each task will help you to both plan out your time and optimize your efficiency for all of the things you spend your day working on.
  • Set your phone and social media aside. This one’s mandatory. You have to forget your phone in order to avoid getting distracted by WhatsApp groups or memes on social media. Also, there is an overabundance of information on coronavirus right now, and the temptation to flip through the news or turn on the TV is greater than it has ever been. Dont let it affect your performance at work.
  • Set up video calls with your coworkers or your bosses to strengthen work relationships, avoid the apathy that might come with isolation, and strengthen communication.

Even Google’s new online learning platform has included a section for anyone working remote. It has free courses to improve this new work experience. Click here to take a look.

All of us here at Univergy Solar recognize that we are experiencing peculiar and difficult times. That’s why we like creating these kinds of posts. Even though they are off-topic from our true passion, Renewable Energy, we hope to produce content that helps our readers during these trying times. 

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