21 OCTUBRE 2020

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International Energy Saving Day

International saving energy day

October 21 has been commemorated as World Energy Saving Day since 2012. Through our Univergy Solar Blog, we’ve dedicated countless posts to talk about energy saving and so today, it could not be any different. Our post today is aimed at saving energy in workspaces.

Offices are one of the most energy-intensive spaces due to different reasons; such as the high occupancy of their spaces, the large number of hours used and the large resources they need. That is why here at Univergy we want to offer some recommendations that can help reduce energy costs, both economically and environmentally.

Take advantage of natural light

Office hours usually range from 8:00 a.m. up to 7:00 p.m., a time zone in which many of the countries, such as Spain, have a good amount of natural light. That’s why, a good measure in this direction is to try to take advantage of this light and avoid turning on the company’s artificial lights, thus reducing the energy consumption and the monthly electricity bill.

Installation of renewable energy systems

Conventional energy systems are much less efficient for industries than for homes, because energy expenditure is higher at these sites, as we’ve already mentioned at the beginning of this post. For this reason, although solar self-consumption systems are always a good idea, solar self-consumption for companies is 100% recommended in all respects.

Lighting system makeover

Leveraging resources also involves first making a small initial investment that can help you experience great savings in the future. Replacing basic lighting with energy saving lighting is a great step toward achieving this purpose. Here you can see the Technical Guide for Energy Efficiency in Lighting from IDAE

Good insulation

Energy savings not only involve keeping the light energy expense we generate under control. Energy efficiency also involves good heating and air-conditioning management. Having good insulation in the office is a great step toward preventing heat from dissipating during the winter months or cold in the summer months. For this reason, an important measure to take in this direction is to spend a small amount of the budget renovating office windows so that you can save a lot more on a monthly basis in the future.

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