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10 FEB 2020

Invest in Solar Energy to Reduce Your Energy Costs


Investing in Solar Energy is the solution.  Solar energy will enable you to become self-sufficient and reduce your home energy costs, not to mention other tips that will help you save on bills and acquire more sustainable habits for how you use electricity at home.

Lower Your Power Bill by Finding the Best Price

First and foremost, the best thing you can do to lower your monthly power bill is buy power from a company that offers you the best conditions and prices. The easiest way to do this is by using a rate comparison tool that shows you information on multiple companies and their current offers. CNMC and OCU have updated catalogs with this information.

We recommend repeating this search periodically in order to always get the best rates for electric power, which will usually involve getting a variable rate that changes how much you pay per kWh of electricity depending on the time of day. Remember you can switch companies whenever you want, but you should take the duration of your previous contract (or contracts) into account before changing companies. That’s why it is very important that you read any offers terms and conditions carefully whether you are signing up online or through any of the various communication channels that companies have set up for clients.

The Benefits of Investing in a Home Solar System

In the previous section we gave some tips for getting the best market price for electricity. However, if you would rather not depend on prices and conditions imposed on you by power companies, or on the official electricity price, another option is investing in your own solar energy system. If your home complies with requirements for installing solar panels, you’ll become self-reliant and be able to start paying off your investment starting from day one. Solar will enable you to use the electricity generated by your own system to cover your own homes energy needs: heating, air conditioning, hot water, and so much more.

And don’t forget the positive environmental impact your investment will have. Capturing the sun’s energy in a country like Spain is the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way to meet your energy needs. Besides, it harnesses a never-ending source of energy, it is currently free of special taxes, and it can be shared by all consumers at the same time.

If there aren’t enough hours of sunlight during certain times of the year you can complement your system with electricity from power companies and their special rates for users who have solar energy systems.

To learn more about the benefits that each Autonomous Community offers those who decide to invest in a home solar system, we recommend this link.


Benefits of investing in energy self-consumption

Not to mention the environmental benefits of your investment. Obtaining energy from the sun in a country like Spain is the most ecological and sustainable way to supply yourself thanks to an inexhaustible source of energy, which is currently free of special taxes and can be used by all consumers at the same time.

If at any time of the year the hours of light are not sufficient you can complement your system in a mixed way with the electric companies and their special tariffs for users who have photovoltaic systems.

To find out more about the subsidies that each Autonomous Community offers to users who are encouraged to invest in self-consumption, we recommend the following link with the relevant information.


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