19 JUNIO 2020

Energy savings in the home by monitoring power self-consumption systems

Ahorro energético en el hogar con la monitorización de intalaciones de autoconsumo

We would like to share with you how to increase energy savings in your home by monitoring your power self-consumption systems and other home automation advances. We can also help you reduce your spending so you can pay a minimum amount for the energy consumed at home.

Reduce energy costs by improving your rates

The first improvement available to maximize savings on your home’s light bills is to correctly apply different time-of-use rates.

This is important to keep in mind because the cheapest time-of-use rates with Endesa’s free market rates do not coincide with the time when electricity is officially cheaper, as is the case when contracting PVPC on the regulated market.

Each company has its own conditions for applying the price of electricity and determining the cheapest hours. For example: Endesa’s customers can choose a cheaper time-of-use rate for an entire day or for 50 hours per month, while other companies offer this over the weekend.

In turn, it is also possible to save by changing the power capacity contracted with Iberdrola, Naturgy, EDP or whichever is your current company, asking of course for a reduction to lower the fixed-cost price on your light bills. Prior to this step, you need to do a study of the electric power recommended for your home taking into consideration its size and the electrical appliances installed. To do this, you need to call, log in to your customer account, or go to Iberdrola’s offices to submit the application. Changing the contracted power capacity costs the same with Iberdrola as with the other companies, but this can be done only once a year, so do not rush to reduce the kW range because if the fuses blow you will pay much more to the distributor to increase the power again.

Control your energy costs with self-consumption measures

If you decide to switch to a power self-consumption system, you will be able to generate your own energy without relying on the prices set by today’s energy market traders. Thanks to technology advances, today you have a number of systems for controlling energy costs, such as the following:

  • Invest in smart appliances: In addition to having a better energy label (A+++), they can be programmed remotely and come with the ECO mode, so that at the time of use, energy costs are kept to a minimum.
  • Replace the traditional lighting system: In particular, you can install smart and dimmable LED light bulbs with remote control.
  • Invest in home automation systems: These systems can also be used remotely by using your mobile phone as remote control. They also serve to control access to the home, as well as setting the ideal temperature and regulating the entry of natural light.
  • Install a power consumption meter: One that is specific for solar power systems. By doing so, you can instantly check your energy costs anywhere from your mobile phone.
  • Improve your consumption habits: By using the installed app, you can know the energy spending routines within your home and how much energy is spent when using each particular appliance.

If you want to know the best apps to control home automation devices, we suggest reading the next recommended article.

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