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29 MAYO 2020

"The satisfaction of being employed in a Renewable Energy Company"

Opinion article for Univergy Solar - the satisfaction of working for a renewable energy company
OP-ED ARTICLE - UNIVERGY SOLAR | By Jorge Pascual, Executive Assistant to the CEO of Univergy Solar

There are many ways to feel fulfilled by contributing to the environment, my point of view is based on my job position within Univergy Solar, a renewable energy company.  I am not part of any technical department, nor do I directly perform any action that improves the health of the planet earth, but I am a cog in the wheel that makes the Universe Solar machine turn and produce clean energy.

Honestly, it is a great pleasure for me to be committed to the health of our planet, and I am convinced that only by raising the awareness of everybody involved will it be possible to improve the battered health of our environment. Of course, in my day to day I try to live as sustainable as possible in all aspects of my life, endeavoring to be an example, sharing in gratitude what I have learned or have been taught, knowing that what is not given is lost. I carry out my personal sustainability campaigns by example, I declare that the environment belongs to and depends on everyone, and that we can only achieve goals by working together.

Throughout my professional career I have worked in different sectors, and twice directly in the field of renewable energy. I also have been in contact with many associations and institutions involved in this sector; such as the impeccable work carried out by the association known as Unión Española Fotovoltaica (UNEF). Of course, in providing the necessary help to improve the situation, it is possible to contribute from any field of work, not exclusively from the sector I currently belong to. But, based on my personal experience, only when I have worked directly in renewable energy companies have I felt true satisfaction.

My intention here is just to emphasize the impact that can be achieved at work when your motivational drive is activated on its own, by contributing to the production of clean energies and the satisfaction of participating in the improvement of our planet’s health.

A well-known fact is that big things are made up of many small things, and that the sum of small actions can lead to great results. Let us continue contributing our grain of sand to make this world a better place for all.


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