Energy has always been a basic service that the majority of the citizens have had to had provided by one of the multiple electrical companies with local presence, and being strictly regulated, without space for competence for consumers. Luckily, this has changed since the Government has regulated the self-consumption photovoltaics installations with the implementation of Royal Decree 244 /2019, signed in October 2019. 

Residential self-consumption installations consist of the installation of solar panels on the roof of your residence, thus part of or the whole of the electricity to be consumed is obtained directly from the solar panels and their batteries. 

In sum, all the energy that the solar panels produce is reduced from the electricity bill. You will now obtain compensation for the surplus of energy (energy produced by the panels but not consumed) that is injected to the grid. 

This surplus of energy can be compensated in part in your monthly bill. 

With Univergy Solar you do not have to worry about any formalities, applications, bureaucracy, etc., as we will carry out the whole process for you, including installation and maintenance. 

Icon for monthly savings with residential self-consumption installation by Univergy Solar

Saving 126,52 € / mounth