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31 MARZO 2020

Installing Solar Panels on Your House: A Great Way to Save Money

Instalación de placas solares

Installing a solar panel at your house is very easy to do, and besides, there are currently many sources of aid to subsidize installation.

The main reason many people switch to this 100% green type of energy is the price of electricity, which is always going up. Why pay when it’s possible to get solar energy from the sun for free with solar panels. Additionally, all of the energy you’ll be getting from your solar panels is completely sustainable since they don’t produce any harmful emissions nor are there any byproducts that damage the environment, as is the case with nuclear energy.

What power company should I sign up with?

The longterm goal for many is to reach a home that is 100% self-reliant, that is, a home that produces all of the electric power it uses. This isn’t always possible, though, so it’s necessary to combine power from your solar panels with power from an electric company. But which power company should you use? The best way to figure out the answer to this question is by using a tool that lets you compare all available options and offers.

One such tool is an electricity comparison tool, which is an app that helps you to choose between the various electricity rates offered by, in the case of Spain, Iberdrola, Endesa, Holaluz, etc. Without a doubt, there will be many different companies to choose from. For more information about Iberdrola’s electricity rates, take a look at this article. To get each company’s rates, it’s a good idea to visit each company’s website. Without a doubt, one of the best plans to combine with solar panels, since it offers lower rates, is a plan where you pay for electricity used during the night because that is exactly when there’s no sunlight.

Is installing solar panels worth it?

There has never been a better time to install solar panels. First off, there are subsidization programs in all of Spain’s autonomous communities that help pay for the costs associated with solar panels. And if you add in the fact that solar panels are highly durable and cheap to maintain, it turns out that paying for solar panels is cheaper than not doing so and continuing pay for electricity, as this article shows.

To install solar panels, there’s no need for significant modifications. The supports and electric cables can normally be placed right on the roof, and once they’re attached, the panels themselves are installed. The structure of the roof doesn’t need to be modified. It’s a simple process that will hardly disrupt you while you’re home. Once all of the equipment has been installed on the roof, you will need to connect the inverter, which needs to be safely installed in a separate area, but you don’t have to worry about this if you hire a company specializing in solar. The batteries will be installed in the same room as the inverter in order to store any excess energy, if necessary.

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